Meet Nancy


Nancy’s career has revolved around empowering her clients to craft better personal connections and lasting professional alliances. Trained as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner early in life, Nancy went on to a successful career as a contract attorney, mediator, and dispute resolution specialist.

It wasn’t long before Nancy realized that much of her work as a lawyer and mediator involved fixing issues that could have been prevented on the front end. With that revelation, Nancy embarked on a new life as a corporate trainer and executive coach – teaching her clients how to approach contracts confidently, network naturally, and “seal the deal” elegantly.

Her interest in mindset management led Nancy to learn more about how to navigate the emotions that often underpin communication. At every step, Nancy has continued to master tools and techniques that help her clients work with their own emotions to achieve better agreements and long-term alliances. 

Two books, many clients, many certifications, and another revelation later, Nancy has entered into a new phase. After years working with clients and leading workshops, she has discovered that the key really is in the friend relationship. Meaningful friendships and strong professional alliances are essential for realizing dreams – especially the big ones.

From making new friends to effortlessly asking for the order, Nancy’s passion is leading her clients through the exciting process of discovering and mastering their unique charismatic style, becoming confident connectors, communicators, and yes, negotiators.