The Real YOU and Friendship

What does a relationship marketing specialist know about making friends? A lot! Join me and Brian Basilico as we dive into the art of being who you really are, letting the world see the real you, and how it affects your ability to attract the right people for you.

Can Sorority Friendships be Genuine?
Sororities and fraternities have a history of choosing members that fit well with the culture. Don’t we all do that in some way? In this podcast we get a peek behind the curtain of college Greek involvement.
Life Change, Friend Change?
How many times have you had good friends bail on you in a moment of need? How many new ones showed up? In this episode we’re talking with the incredibly gregarious and fun Deb Krier about how her friend circles shifted during life-changing illness and recovery. Her insights are priceless for anyone going through major life change!
Friend is Colorblind
Is friendship colorblind? Can our differences really be our strengths? I think so! Our guest this week thinks so, too. Join me and Stephen Lytle as we explore the idea of building bridges to understanding between races in a spirit of curiosity and friendship.
A Real Extrovert Gets Real About Deep Connections

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a true-blue extrovert? Join me and Susie Shina as we dive into the world of small talk, open communication, gut feelings, and friend-making. There’s much more to this extrovert than meets the eye!

Tuning In - The Energy of Friendship

Can you tune in to the perfect friends? So often we bumble into friendships. What happens when you let your intuition guide you? How do even use intuition in that way? In this episode we are joined by intuitive coach Molly MacCartney to talk about how to develop your intuition to create better and more meaningful friendships and networks.

Influence Begins Within

Have you ever noticed that friendships made in childhood tend to have a deeper bond? You might feel like those days are long gone, that it’s harder to craft those deep friendships as you mature and develop. Let’s take a closer look…

Can girls and guys be BEST friends?

How does it work when a girl and a guy are BEST friends? Let’s find out! Morgan Storrs and Kristen Chandler’s friendship has stood the test of time. In this podcast we explore how they have gone the long haul, how they keep in touch, and the ways in which their families have grown together to support their wonderful friendship.

Do Guys "Friendship" Differently

Alan Hanley and Josh Siegel

Men and women do a lot of things differently – what about friendship? Join me as we talk with two great friends – Alan Hanley and Josh Siegel – about how they are weathering social isolation together, the logistics of managing different friend groups, making friends in a new place, and what makes their relationship work so well.

What happens to friendships when you change?
Friendships and networks are dynamic. Have you ever wondered what change does to them? More than you might think! Join me and business coach Holly Caplan as we talk about what happens with networks and friendships when professionals make the jump from working in the corporate world to successfully self-employed. We’ll talk about how to manage and curate your networks in the midst of major life changes and how to get the support you need when you need it.
Can having friends save your life?
Having friends can be a real lifesaver – sometimes literally!  Chef Micah Martello saved mine. Join me as we talk about how to show up as a friend, going the long haul, making new friends as an adult, and that time he saved me from drowning.
What makes a person charismatic?

Introvert? Extrovert? We ALL need to connect! Join us for a discussion with relationship expert Karen Molan about how great charisma is really developed. It’s nature. It’s nurture – and so much more. We’ll deconstruct the cool cocktail of traits that make a great friend and great friendships. You’ll also discover ways to bring out more of your social best.

Can you make lasting friendships online?
What do you do when traditional paths to friendship are too risky? Make friends online? YES! Photographers Amber Jones and Adena Rossiter did exactly that – and it surprised them both. Their story is especially inspiring right now. You can make real, lasting, genuine friends online.

Who doesn’t crave more meaningful friendships? In a world in which we find ourselves increasingly apart, crafting real friendships and strong social support systems can be challenging – but well worth the effort.

People with genuine, loyal friendships and supportive professional networks meet the world from a place of balance and power. They are happier, healthier, wealthier, more resilient, and longer lived (and have more fun!).

The great news is that friend-making skills can be learned, honed, mastered, and enjoyed by anyone at any age and any stage of life.

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Remember… friendship makes you smarter, happier, healthier, wealthier, and more joyful. Get out there and make a new friend!

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