Beyond Rainmaking

Accelerated Learning Techniques for Law School, the Bar Exam, and Beyond…

Rainmakers bring in money, land big clients, and find solutions for complex problems. They learn fast, negotiate well, and know everything and everyone important to their business. To get there, they learn to direct their minds and make good decisions – fast. They manage information so well that they have the extra time to keep up with current trends and cultivate contacts. Beyond Rainmaking contains over 20 effective, stand-alone techniques for taking in more and better information, managing data with less effort, and recalling it with greater accuracy. Get the advantage of learning smarter and faster than ever before. Get the advantage of:

  • Understanding memory and information overload
  • Focusing amid distractions
  • Being on your mental game – no matter what
  • Easily managing your emotions
  • Freedom from test and performance anxiety
  • Taking in more information with less time and effort
  • Enjoying the learning process

The Hands On Plan

How to Use Emotional Freedom Technique to Tap Into a Happy and Successful Life

Want to live more fully, joyfully, and successfully? With the right tools and mindset, you can start building that life right now. Imagine… Feeling proud and fulfilled with all aspects of your life Confidently embracing upcoming life events, projects, and new adventures. Having a crystal-clear vision of what you want and a path to attaining it. Sound good? That’s just a glimpse of the wonders of The Hands On Plan. You may live life without that crystal-clear vision of what you want. That makes it almost impossible to plan – leading to chaos, stress, and missed opportunities. Take the guesswork out of your future. The Hands On Plan is a system of crafting your life the way you want it to be. Discover a unique combination of powerful techniques to easily establish goals and create plans for your ideal outcomes. The power of profound personal change is truly at your fingertips and in your hands. Experience consistent success in every area of life. From big goals, projects, exams, and presentations to relationships, health, vacations, and self-improvement – you make the plan. You write the script.