Cinco de New Life-Oh!

by | May 5, 2019

What a special weekend!!!

It’s the one-year anniversary of the Hands On Plan and the one year anniversary of Dr. Hand’s PhD!

The Hands hOn Plan was published on May 4, 2018 at a time when I KNEW that it needed to be done. People were asking for it, and it was ready. I also knew that it would be a “quiet” launch, as we were already full tilt into the completion of a major milestone in our master plan we developed years before. There will be a formal launch in the weeks to come, and classes too!

My husband, Will, graduated with his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University on May 5, 2018. We threw about the best party we’ve ever had (I mean, it was amazing!). On May 6, 2018 he interviewed with Georgia Pacific, and on May 7, 2018 he was offered his dream job – bodda bing bodda BOOM!

From then on, the pace went blindingly fast. Things fell into place perfectly – because we had a Hands On Plan! Everything worked out as planned even though it happened fast.

When Will and I wrote our 2018 Hands On Plan in December 2017, there were so many unknowns…

Will was at the end of his doctorate in chemical engineering (there was a plan for that!), and we were still unsure of when he would defend his dissertation – maybe spring, maybe summer…

We also knew we would have to move eventually but could only estimate when that would happen. We needed to put the house on the market. We had no idea where he would be working or where we would be living.

Since my work is worldwide, I can be anywhere. Will’s work is more structured. That being said, I didn’t want to live just anywhere you know?

With all these unknowns, we shot for the moon on our list. That might seem counter-intuitive to some people. When there are so many unknowns, shouldn’t you be “realistic” and not try for too much? HA!!! Not us… (and you shouldn’t either!).

We made an unrealistic, fantastic wish list.

I have a theory that if you “pre-settle” for something and aim for less than what you want, you will put forth a half-ass effort and end up with a slip shod result.

Shoot for the moon and ask for what you REALLY want (even if it’s scary, even if it’s farfetched, even if it seems odd to other people). Only then will you go all-out, whole-ass, toward your new goal. Only then will you be congruent.

Congruence is when you are fully aligned with your “why”, your desired outcome, and in the flow. That is when mountains move, things fall into place, and support shows up.

It worked!!!

We shot for the moon and got it. The plan we made worked, and there have been many wonderful surprises along the way. We have had more changes, more growth, more new friends, more opportunities, more achievement than either of us have ever experienced in just a year’s time.

We had fun, too! We checked things off of our bucket lists. We visited friends – at the beach, in New Hampshire, Louisville (won at Churchill Downs and got to go to the winner’s circle!), New Orleans, and Sweden! I photographed the Auburn v. LSU game from the field, as well as 3 super-moons, 2 eclipses, and all the beauty of our travels and adventures.

We prepared our beloved house for the market at the perfect time for the perfect buyer. It sold in less than 3 months to a couple who loves it like we do. They bought our house in Auburn for a price that was within everyone’s “Happy” range.

We moved, rented a house, bought a house, and sold a house, moved again, and renovated our new house… The new house and neighborhood are everything that was on the list – even the neighbors are great!

Was it hard sometimes? Hell yes! Are we exhausted and still recuperating? You bet! Change is stressful – even if it is positive change.

And yet, here we are. Happy and healthy, exactly where we planned to be and settling into a new, awesome life. We are living in a place that matches our list all the way down to the friendly people and the stellar water quality. Our new house fits us to a T (even though it has given us a few projects).

My business has grown! New clients, classes, and presentations taught in everything from leadership, networking, and negotiation to bread making (of course!). I have worked with some amazing new coaching clients and collaborated with some of the coolest people ever!

Will LOVES his job! He is working with great people, leading meaningful projects, and was even promoted in the first 6 months.

Will got his first Patent! In less than a year after graduating with his PhD, the research from Will’s dissertation is fully patented.

There were so many wonderful moments (too many to count) experienced along this journey. There were challenges, and they were easily overcome because we always seemed to have the support we needed at the right time. There were many, many, many magic moments of being in the right place at the right time – of things working out “spookily well”.

I’m not sure how we will top last year…

but we will.

Since I began using the Hands On Plan, every year has been better than the last.

Better. Every. Year.

Now you can use the Hands On Plan too!

If you want more in life…

(goals realized, the support you need to make them happen, and the wonderful feeling of things working out well again and again and again)

…Buy your copy of the Hands On Plan and start working through it today.

It’s a short, simple recipe that has work for us and can work for you! It consistently yields results for everyone that uses it. Classes are already in the works, so stay tuned!

Best wishes from Memphis!