Tapping In My Dreams

by | May 12, 2017

Have you ever done something SO much that you did it in your dreams?


It is usually something that requires a lot of practice. It could be something mundane that you  have recently done over and over, like learning your lines in a school play or stuffing envelopes.

When you do something in your dreams that you have been doing regularly, you know that it is truly ingrained. One night while learning French, I actually dreamed about speaking it fluently. That’s how I knew that the language was finally “clicking” for me.

Now I am tapping in my dreams!

In a recent dream, I did something I do all the time in real life to keep other people’s negativity from sticking around (and ruining my day). It’s a handy tool to have and you can use it, too.

The dream…

I was at a nice restaurant sitting around a large table with a lively group of about a dozen or so very well-to-do looking, southern women. They were in pearls and hats. Some looked as if they had stepped off of a turn-of-the-century steamboat.

The lady sitting across from me started telling a story that began with, “Ladies! Did you hear about what happened to so-and-so?!” From there her story turned into a detailed and graphic tale about the unfortunate fate of someone I didn’t even know.

Instinctively, I started tapping on the outside of my hand under the table. A friend of mine who was sitting further down the table looked at me with curiosity. I held my hand up just enough for her to see that I was tapping and she started tapping, too.

Tapping in real life. Tapping in my dreams. You can do it, too!

Make tapping a habit.

At this point, I tap whenever something bothers me. Whether it is news or an overheard conversation, I will discreetly tap. The points on each finger are great for this. You can tap anywhere and nobody even notices.

For example, a lady picked up a cup branded with a university logo at our yard sale last weekend and said, “Did you hear about what happened to those students?!” From the sound of her voice, I knew it would be a tragic tale.

My reply was, “No, and I actually don’t want to know. Really.”

But she kept on trying to tell me. She really wanted to share this story. Right when I’d stopped the conversation, another shopper who had overheard chimed in with, “I want to hear what happened!” UGH. I started tapping my finger points before she even started talking.

There was absolutely no reason for me to hear that story – or for her to tell it. The lady had no connection to the university (nor did I). She had no connection to the students (nor did I). Neither of us lives in that university town. As far as I was concerned, that was just bad news without a purpose. It did not pass my need to know test.

How much pointless, negative information do you take in every day?

Sometimes you innocently walk into a conversation… “Hey, what are you all talking about?” and hear distressing news. Sometimes it comes in response to “How are you?”

Sometimes you just answer the phone and someone launches into a story about how awful things are. When it happens to me, I tap.

Here’s why…

TAP so you don’t “take it home with you.”

Tapping keeps you from taking on other people’s troubles as your own. It helps you to deflect pointless information that can distract you from your goals. The intent coupled with tapping instructs your subconscious to let that information go in one ear and out the other.

Tapping gives you perspective

Talking things out is often a way for people to deal with emotions. By tapping, you remind yourself that the other person is simply using your attention as a sounding board. Realizing that they are hurting or working through something can help you to focus on their speedy recovery or resolution.

Tap to let it go

Bad news can stick around for a long time after it is experienced. It can color your mood and decisions well after you see or hear it.

Tapping is a kinesthetic intervention that helps you to release disturbing information as you experience it. That way, you will be able to quickly regain your good mood and focus after exposure to bad news or unfortunate exchanges.

One way tapping works is by solidifying your intent in the moment. When you start tapping like I did in my dream, you are telling your brain that you intend to discard the information.

Another way tapping works is by calming the part of your brain responsible for stress regulation and fight or flight response. Depending on the news you are hearing – that can be a very good thing.

Know your sources!

Negative or disturbing information can come in at various times and from various sources. However, you might discover that some sources are more reliable than others. If you can control the source, do what you can to self-govern that input (aka, turn off the news!). If you find that someone in your life has a habit of bringing unpleasant information to you, other tools might be needed to change it.

Does someone consistently tell you bad news or call you with their troubles?

It could be a friend, co-worker, or family member – someone who plays a pivotal part in your life. You may even feel obligated to listen or afraid to seem rude by cutting the conversation short.

If you do, stay tuned. Coming up I’ll show you how to manage those conversations and an elegant way so that you’re off the hook – and they don’t even notice.

Happy Tapping!


PS – If you need to know how to deal with “that person” now, contact me ASAP! I’ll show you some wonderful ways to manage those interactions AND improve your relationship with that person.