by | Jan 22, 2016

PLAN to make 2016 your best year yet.



Every year the results of my planning improve.


You can get the same results!

Will and I now plan our year together, and for the first few weekends of 2016 we have been busy working on our plan. A solid, well-thought-out plan takes time. It’s a living map.

This year I noticed a lot of people on social media, saying things like, “Good riddance to 2015” or “I’m so glad last year is over.”

That is when the missing puzzle piece became glaringly obvious to me….

Something BIG was missing from my new year planning (and yours!). 

Don’t you want to know what the secret is? Are you totally curious??

It’s so simple it made my head spin!

Here it is:

Appreciate last year’s successes.

Sooooo simple, right? Well, there are ways to make it even more powerful than it already is.

In many cases, last year was actually really great for a lot of the people that I know (even the ones who are grumbling). Of course not everything went well. Still, a lot of things did go very, very well.

Here’s what we did about it…

Will and I each wrote down everything great that happened last year – every little success. Some of it seemed mundane – like staying healthy. Some of the things we listed were extraordinary – like the things we checked off of our bucket list and advances we both made in our careers.

Then we took turns reading our successes out loud while we tapped. Let me tell you… it was awesome! It was exhilarating!

THEN we started to plan 2016. What a difference! By focusing on our successes from 2015, we were able begin setting goals for 2016 that were in line with success.

It put a new spin on things. All of our future goals are created in the spirit of what went well before – of success! It became a challenge to top 2015.

In fact, 2015 was WAY better than 2014  – which was even better than 2013.

Better. Every. Year.

Even if you have already started writing your New Year’s resolutions and making plans for 2016, stop.

Review 2015 and sift for the good things. Look for your successes – big and small.

When you do that, you appreciate what you did last year.

Validate what you did last year. Validate your successes. Validate your Triumphs.

You align with what went well. You guide your planning from a standpoint of confidence and can-do.

What went well for you last year? You might even feel like nothing went well… It could be that you do not feel like your life improved, but it certainly improved in some ways. A lot of things went right!

  • You are here!! You made it!

  • You learned

  • You grew

  • You healed

  • You experienced beauty and kindness

  • You laughed

  • You earned

  • You got bargains

  • You received gifts

  • You relaxed

  • You had great conversations

  • You heard great music

  • You met opportunities with vigor

  • You celebrated

  • You overcame obstacles

  • You negotiated successfully

Find the bright spots in your 2015 and tap them in!

Own your successes! When you do, all of the plans you make for 2016 will be better, stronger, more aligned with success, and more likely to materialize for you. More than that, when you tap your successes out loud, more of them will come to mind.

On that note, you can make those successes easier to recall next year if you keep track of them on a daily or weekly basis. Before bed each night, write down what went well that day. Tap them in before going to sleep or in the morning and see how your days improve.

If you are having trouble remembering the good times or recognizing your past successes, contact me and let me guide you through the (very rewarding) process so that you can make 2016 the best year ever.

Happy Tapping!