Tap The Seasonal Magic!

by | Dec 24, 2015

Think it’s too late to make this the best holiday ever?


Think again.


It’s never too late to set an intention. It’s never too late to write your list for “Santa Claus.”

It works! Let me explain.

We are staying home this Christmas. We were going to travel but our plans changed at the last minute.

Yesterday morning I was feeling antsy and realized that we had not yet written an intention for our travel or our holiday. Will and I sat at the kitchen table and sketched out a quick intention.

It was super short and kind of vague. We wanted to feel rested when we got home (good sleep). We wanted to have easy and safe travel each way. We wanted to have quality family time and to truly enjoy ourselves. We wanted to feel good at the end of the season – physically and mentally.

Within 15 minutes of writing our intention, we received an “out-of-the-blue” phone call with the information about our trip that caused us to rethink our plans. We decided to travel some time after the holidays instead.

We were amazed at the almost immediate feedback from the intention! We got the information we needed to have the holiday we wanted. It turns out that staying home is a blessing for us this year. It will be a laid-back, friend and family Christmas.

Have you written your holiday intention? There is still time! You can write your intention any time!

Let me give you an even better example….

(one that will remind you that there is Santa magic afoot.)

Will and I took our honeymoon over the Christmas holiday after we got married.  We went to Germany and Austria.

We were having a really wonderful time but somewhere along the way Will lost his favorite (and only) pen. I thought it would be nice to have a candle. So on Christmas Eve we wrote a list of things we wanted to get while we were out and about.

Our shopping list for the day consisted entirely of a pint of Guinness, a candle, and a pen. We also decided that next time we were in the Alps, we would learn how to ski.

It was a very cold, cloudy, misty day. It was about the most unpleasant weather imaginable. We trooped through it looking at cathedrals, landmarks, parks, and castles. By dusk, we were beat, starved (with no dinner plans), and getting grumpy with each other.

We were also pretty darned lost and there were no other people around…We just kept on going, hoping we were going in the right direction.

Then we turned a corner – literally. There in the dusky mist, at the intersection of 5 Cobblestone streets, was the Dubliner pub.

There was only one patron in the pub – Santa Claus.


I figured we could knock at least one thing off our shopping list, so we stopped in for a Guinness and a regrouping session. I knew that a beer would certainly help us both get into a better mood.

We sat down at the bar next to Santa Claus and struck up a conversation. Santa was cool! When he heard we were on our honeymoon he offered to buy the first round – of Guinness. Better than that, he bought us each a shot of Wild Turkey. Not on the list and not the best on an empty stomach but hey – Santa was buying…

He also invited us each to take a gift from his bag of goodies. Without looking I reached in and grabbed the first thing I touched. It turned out to be a Pillar candle!

Will did the same and retrieved a pen!

It also turned out that this particular Santa’s real name was Chris (really).  And when he’s not Santa Claus-ing, he is a ski instructor. He told us to contact him for lessons the next time we are in Austria. The garlic featured in the photo below was just a bonus!

On Christmas Eve a.m., we made the list.

Christmas Eve p.m., the pint of Guinness. The candle. The pen. The ski lessons. Boom! Just like that – thanks to a man dressed as SANTA CLAUS.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? We sure do!

Make your list. Set your intention for the day, the holiday, the month, the year. Do it now. Let this season – this energy – turbo charge your dreams. There is no better time to focus on what you want. Once you have your wish list in writing, read it aloud while you tap. Tap in that best-case scenario! When you do, things, people, and events will line up to support your goal(s).

Wishing you and yours a SuperMegaTurbochargedMerryChristmas!