Everyday Tapping: Exposed & Vulnerable

by | Nov 21, 2015

What makes you feel exposed and vulnerable?


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The other day I saw the show called “Naked and Afraid.” It’s a popular show where two strangers embark on a twenty-one-day journey through the wilderness – by themselves – with no clothes, no food, and only one special tool for survival.

It would be a pretty good show if they were clothed, but the “naked” aspect takes it to another level. It’s almost impossible not to be curious about this show because the participants are embracing most people’s deepest vulnerabilities – naked (In front of a film crew! On TV!), with a stranger (of the opposite sex!), without connectivity, and in inhospitable territory (Bugs! Critters! No bathrooms!).

Who hasn’t felt naked and afraid – exposed and vulnerable? 

I sure have!

Many different things can make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Going to the doctor, visiting a loan officer, feeling alone or unsupported, asking for help, or public speaking. You may feel vulnerable just talking about yourself.

We’ve all experienced things that made us feel exposed and vulnerable. You have felt the awkwardness and the butterflies in your stomach. You have experienced them and made it through.

You made it through and the experience made you a stronger person. You learned things about yourself and about others.

At the end of the day you are a better person for having felt naked and afraid. It may have helped you to develop more empathy. It may have taught you how to communicate your needs more effectively. Remembering that will help you to feel stronger the next time you start to feel exposed and vulnerable.

Another thing you can do to curb the stress is Tapping. Tapping is a great way to eliminate some of the anxiety that can accompany situations that make YOU feel naked and afraid. Here is how to do it:

Start by thinking of the last time _____________. You can also think of an upcoming encounter with _______________. Imagine it in your mind as vividly as possible.

Tap this protocol out loud.

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On your Karate Chop (KC) Point:

Even though, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though ____________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though ______________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Top of your head (TH): I feel so naked.

Eye Brow (EB): I feel so vulnerable.

Outside of the Eye (OE): I feel exposed.

Under Eye (UE): I feel self-conscious.

Under Nose (UN): I feel powerless.

Chin (CH): I’m worried that other people are judging me.

Collarbone (CB): I wonder what they are thinking about me.

KC: I feel alone.

TH: All of this stress.

EB: This Naked feeling.

OE: I want to feel secure.

UE: I want to feel confident.

UN: I wish I were more comfortable right now.

CH: It seems like other people have more power.

CB: It seems like they know more.

KC: They are confident.

TH: They have more authority.

EB: And I am feeling like I am at a disadvantage – unprotected.

OE: I have felt like this before.

UE: There have been times when I felt even more exposed than I do now.

UN: I have been way more vulnerable.

CH: And I made it through.

CB: I survived.

KC: I had more power than I knew.

TH: I summoned courage and did what I needed to do.

EB: I stuck it out and here I am.

OE: I trust that it is part of my growing and learning.

UE: I made it through feeling vulnerable and I’m stronger and smarter because of it.

UN: They have helped me understand other people.

CH: They helped me understand myself.

CB: I am strong – no matter what.

KC: Circumstances can’t take my power away.

TH: Other people can’t take my power away.

EB: Nervousness can’t take my power away.

OE: My power and confidence come from the inside.

UE: My power and confidence grow every day.

UN: And every time I feel vulnerable, I know that if I make it through…

CH: I’ll be better for it.

CB: I choose to feel vulnerable because it’s ok.

KC: I know that it is temporary and I’ll make it through just fine – just like last time.

Take a deep breath.

You can tap through this transcript whenever you think you might feel exposed and vulnerable. Tap through it until you feel more comfortable and confident with the situation.

Remember, your power comes from the inside. Every time you make it through feeling vulnerable, you end up stronger than before.

Does your vulnerability run deeper than that? Contact me and let’s talk about it.

Happy Tapping!