Everyday Tapping: Conquer Information Overwhelm

by | Sep 11, 2015

Are you struggling with ALL of that information?

No wonder!

You are bombarded with incredible amounts of information all day, every day – even if you try to avoid it!

Check out the video and tap along with me!

If you are like most people, your daily information intake increases by the week (or even by the day!). It can be overwhelming. If you happen to be working on a project that requires focus and attention, all of that extra information can derail you.

One of the best things that you can do to reclaim your brain power is also one of the most difficult: give up extra information. By that I mean give up unnecessary information like the news,  social media, and TV.

Cut out that extra information for a week and it will change your life for good.

It will help you to reboot your attention and focus because that extra information is taking up space in your working memory. When you try to pay attention to more than 7-10 items at a time, it bogs down your brain. By the end of your “information  diet” week, you will begin to experience more clarity and focus than you have had in a while.

Need to clear your mind NOW?

Check out the video and tap along with me!

Don’t have a week? Here are two fast ways to clear your working memory so that you have processing power…

Use external memory – and by that I mean make a list. Yes, really! Trying to process all of that incoming information AND keep your “to do” list straight in your mind is the fast track to overwhelm and freak out.

Write down all of the things that you actually need to do and keep it where you can see it all of the time. Once you have the things on your list documented, it will be much easier for you to focus on one thing at a time.

Tap! Information overwhelm can leave you reeling and disoriented. Tapping can help you find your footing again and redirect you into focused state.

Ideally, you would just tap in the moment and let if flow. You can also start by tuning in to your overwhelm. Really feel it as vividly as possible.

Tap this protocol out loud.

On your Karate Chop (KC) Point:

Even though I’m completely overwhelmed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though this is too much and I just want to quit, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I want to ignore all of this information, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Top of your head (TH): This is just too much to process.

Eye Brow (EB): So much information is coming at me all the time.

Outside of the Eye (OE): I try to focus on the things that matter but it’s hard.

Under Eye (UE): I keep getting distracted.

Under Nose (UN): I wish I could filter out all of the stupid stuff.

Chin (CH): Then I could focus on the things that matter.

Collarbone (CB): But I’m used to this – something or someone always demands my attention.

KC: It feels so familiar for me to be distracted and overloaded.

TH: I choose to release that familiar feeling.

EB: I want focus and direction to feel familiar to me now.

OE: Maybe there are things I can do to tune and direct my mind.

UE: I wonder what it would feel like to have my mind power back?

UN: I wonder how it will feel to have focus and clarity…

CH: I choose to start choosing the objects of my attention with care.

CB: To be clear, I can write them down.

KC: That way I’ll be able to track my progress.

TH: I’m kind of afraid to do that.

EB: It might be scary to see all of the things I’m thinking about.

OE: But when I do that, I’ll be able to prioritize them.

UE: They will be out of my head and in a place where I can work on them.

UN: My mind will be clearer.

CH: I’ll make better decisions about what to focus on next.

CB: I choose to train my brain.

KC: I choose to direct my own focus.

TH: I choose to recognize when my focus is wandering and call it back.

EB: I know what is important to me.

OE: I now choose to consciously focus on the things that benefit me and the people around me.

UE: I choose to treat my focus and attention like i would money and invest it.

UN: How is my attention  on  _____  helping further my goal?

CH: How is my attention on _____ increasing my joy?

CB: I am valuable!

KC: My attention is valuable! 

TH: I choose to treat is that way! 

Take a deep breath.

Tailor this protocol to suit your unique situation. Tap through it until you feel like you are beginning to relax and experience some clarity and relief.

If you have persistent difficulty holding your focus and attention on something, contact me and we can work that out. I’ve definitely been there and would love to help you enjoy life with fewer distractions.

Please pas this blog on to your friends and have a wonderful weekend!


PS – Remember to check out the video!