Everyday Tapping: Dealing With a Persistent Problem

by | Aug 28, 2015

Have you ever had a persistent problem that just wouldn’t go away?

I’m talking about THAT problem…

Maybe you tried different approaches to deal with it but nothing worked…It defies your efforts to find a solution. You want to give up on it but you can’t.

You feel like you need to conquer it, so you just keep trying. 

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Trust me, I’ve been there and it can a be frustrating energy drain!

It could be anything from someone at work who stubbornly withholds resources that you need to do your job. It could be a needy family member. It could even be an unseen pest in the garden (which is the example I’ll use here because it was easy to photograph).

The persistent problem pest eats my flowers!

The persistent problem pest eats my flowers!

What they should look like...

What they look like when not feasted upon…

The bottom line is that it bothers you and your efforts to change it never seem to work – at least for long.

The more energy and effort you put in to solving that stubborn problem, the more frustrated you become (and the more stubborn the problem seems!). And so it goes…

What if it didn’t bother you anymore?

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What if you could let go of that frustration? How would that problem present itself if you were no longer concerned with solving it?

Whatever it is, you have probably tried to fix it without success. That can lead to feelings of frustration and powerlessness, which in turn, can lead to stress. Why stress out about things you can’t control?

You may have been told to…

Let it go” or “get over it” or to “learn to live with it.”

(Like it’s just that easy! Actually, it can be.)

 “Let it go” with Tapping.

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Start by thinking of the last time that you were bothered by the persistent problem. You can also think of an upcoming encounter with it. Imagine it in your mind as vividly as possible. If you can, g

ive it an intensity level on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being most intense).

Tap this protocol out loud.

On your Karate Chop (KC) Point:

Even though I’m totally frustrated with this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I feel like a failure because nothing seems to work, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’ve tried everything but can’t get anywhere with this, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Top of your head (TH): I’m so over this stupid problem!

Eye Brow (EB): I want things to be different.             

Outside of the Eye (OE): This is stressing me out.   

Under Eye (UE): Every time I think I’ve made some headway changing this…

Under Nose (UN): It shows up again.

Chin (CH): It just won’t go away – no matter what I do.

Collarbone (CB): I’ve tried everything.

KC: Nothing will make this problem go away.

TH: I’m beyond frustrated.

EB: I’m mad!

OE: I feel so powerless!

UE: Like I am fighting a shadow.

UN: I want so badly to control this situation.

CH: To make it bearable for me.

CB: As it is, I’m left powerless, frustrated, and mad.

KC: I wonder what it would be like if I could do what everyone says to do?

TH: They tell me to let it roll off my back.

EB: They say to “get over it.”

OE: They say to “just ignore it.”

UE: What if I could?

UN: What if this problem just didn’t bother me anymore.

CH: What if I could let it go.

CB: What if I could ignore it?

KC: It would almost be like it wasn’t there at all.

TH: But if I let it go, I’ll be condoning it – and it is NOT ok!

EB: If I ignore it, it will just get worse.

OE: I feel like I have to keep trying to change this.

UE: Even though my efforts seem wasted.

UN: Just trying makes me feel like I can make a difference.

CH: If I stop trying, that powerless feeling will be too much to bear.

CB: I’ve tried everything.

KC: I’m tired of trying.

TH: It’s not working anyway.

EB: I want to let the frustration go.

OE: I want to let the stress go so that I can relax.

UE: That’s actually the one thing I haven’t tried, yet.

UN: I wonder what will happen when I let the frustration go?

CH: I choose to allow myself to let go of the frustration.

CB: I choose to let go of the worry about this.

KC: I’ll be ok if I let this stress go.

TH: Everything will be ok if I stop worrying about this.

EB: Maybe that is what really needs to happen.

EB: Maybe if I let the worry and frustration go, I’ll come up with a solution.

OE: It could be that all of this stress has kept me from recognizing the solution.

UE: I choose to let go.

UN: I choose to relax.

CH: I’ll be ok.

Take a deep breath.

Tap through this protocol as many times as you need to. Try to get your level of frustration down to zero. After you have done that, stop thinking about it for a while and do other things. Let your mind relax. Chances are, that’s when a good solution will come to mind because you will have cleared the way for a new level of creativity.

If multiple passes through this protocol aren’t enough to put you in a solution mindset, you might have deeper issues at work. Contact me and we’ll work together to find a solution.

Happy Tapping!


PS – Remember to watch the video and tap along with me!