Tapping in Your Best-Case Scenario

by | Jul 10, 2015

Here is a fast, easy to apply recipe for creating the experiences, events, relationships, and life you want.

This brilliant technique helps me to orchestrate my year in such a way that I have a clear fix on exactly what I want for every upcoming event or concern. I cover the gamut from career to travel to health to property to relationships.


It starts at the beach.

Every year my husband and I go to the beach for a week. During that week we relax and unwind alone – no obligations, no electronics, nobody but us and our dogs (because they LOVE the beach!). We laze, reflect, daydream, assess the past year and plan, plan, plan the year ahead.


At the end of the week, I have a best-case scenario for everything that is of concern to me and my mind is truly at ease and focused on what I want to have happen instead of being stressed out about what could happen

Here is a peak at the nuts and bolts of this exercise…

I start with a big pad of paper and a bag of Sharpies. I like the fine tipped kind and this year I splurged and got the ‘80’s “Glam” edition 18 pack. Fun colors!

I usually use watercolor paper but this year I brought a huge sketchbook. Well, I learned the hard way that regular paper doesn’t hold up to the changing tides as well as watercolor. It doesn’t dry out as easily either! Lesson learned. At least the Sharpies didn’t run.

So here are the steps that I take to align my beliefs, expectations, words, and deeds with my best-case scenarios in every aspect of life:

Mind Map1.5.15-mindmap3-web

Mind map everything on a large watercolor pad or sketchpad of you will not be near the water. This will give you a clear overview of all of your stressors, upcoming events, travel, and other concerns. It can be a little overwhelming at first. Just remember that this is a first step and you WILL get it all sorted out.

Best-Case Scenario

Once you have all of that mapped out, create a best-case scenario for each item on the map. This can be the most challenging aspect of this technique. When you are in the “vacation mindset” – relaxed and somewhat detached from regular life – makes it much easier to focus on what you really want.

Write it down!

You can write is as a story or a declaration. Do whatever feels right for you. I like to write my best-case scenario from the vantage point of looking back from the future and telling a friend how things worked out.

Tap it in!

After writing down your the best-case scenarios for everything on the map, read them out loud while you tap. This makes it a lot easier to recognize conflicting expectations and beliefs so that you can use tapping to eliminate them and create alignment with what you want.

So now you have the recipe! I look forward to hearing about how you use it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Happy Beaching!