A box full of books!

by | Jan 31, 2014

My first box of books came a few days ago and I am excited! I’ve been working on my marketing plan and learning how to navigate social media. It is a little bit intimidating.┬áThankfully, I have a coach, Martha Giffen, to help me navigate it.

Putting yourself out there has never been easier…or is it harder? There are so many outlets and ways to reach people, yet they all require the same basic skills that one would use for face-to-face interactions – with nuances and some specialized etiquette. This is all very fun and exciting to me! And it’s about time.

Self publishing has had a few distinct phases – 1. “Whee!” 2. “I’m gonna do this!” 3. “I’m doing this.” 4. “I’m almost done!” (tells the world) 5. Repeat #4 6. “when will this be done?” 7. “This will never be finished.” 8. Repeat #3-7…

But finally…here they are: books! I must admit that it still feels a bit unreal. But it is real and this new phase is back to “whee!” again. How cool is that?

On the whole, Beyond Rainmaking has been a great adventure. The audience came to me, so deciding to write the book was pretty easy. I was prompted by some very thorough emails that I received from law students. The development was fun – I love research. When I had finished the initial rough draft, I was pleased.

Then came the hard part…

Editing. Citations. Editing. Formatting. Editing. Permissions. Fonts…

So it is done! Classes are forthcoming! The first class will be a small (12 person max), 5-week bar exam preparation class. This class is designed to help you get the most out of your exam prep and tune your brain for peak performance. It includes five 1.5 hr web-based classes and four guest speakers on topics that are relevant to bar exam success, like peak performance states and nutrition. Participants will approach the exam calm and confident.

So stay tuned!