Belly Nancing

by | Nov 7, 2011

W hat better follow-up to my Jumping off a Cliff post than my self-designed-outward bound-fear facing-envelope pushing experiment?  Today holds a bigger challenge than the cliff. This time I’ll be dancing, alone, in front of friends and strangers…belly dancing. Or, as I call it, Belly Nancing.

The uber-bright basketball court lighting will set the mood. Fortunately, there will be no actual exposure of my nuclear white belly. Still….Am I nervous? You bet!

Why am I doing this? It is great exercise. It is certainly a great brain challenge. Keeping a rhythm with finger symbols (zills) while you perform a complicated dance is no easy thing. I’m sure my brain grew from the experience.

Also, I’m about to publish my first book. Getting back out there to network, speak, and teach means that I’ll be getting more attention than usual. Soon, I will be filming tutorials to accompany the book. I’ll be on camera. It is overwhelming, especially since I’ve been tucked away, writing…

It’s clearly time to break the spell and unlock my inner entertainer.

This solo dance is/was an opportunity for me to put many of the learning and peak performance techniques from my upcoming book into practice in a way that was real for me. And it has certainly been a learning experience.

I took the first, basic, belly dance class in the summer but was out of town for the grand finale group dance performance. The second class started in the fall and we learned to use veils and zills. This time our grand finale is not a group dance. We had to choose whether to dance a solo, in pairs, or not at all. I volunteered to do a solo. Not so much because I wanted to – I had to.

I have done an enormous amount of EFT or Tapping on self-consciousness to prepare for today. I have built peak performance states and done everything I can to be ready.

I know the dance. It’s fun and includes veil work. I can do this.

Jumping off the cliff was terrifying, liberating, and exhilarating. I sure hope this is, too.

So today is the day.

If all goes well, I will be documenting my adventure over the next few days. I kept a record of the methods I used, EFT setups, etc. so that you can try them to conquer your own self-designed-outward bound-fear facing-envelope pushing adventure. What will you do? What is your greatest challenge?

Don’t wish me luck, wish me a sense of humor!