Celebrating the Spoon

by | Aug 1, 2011

Sometimes you just have to have the right tools. Now I have the right tool for cookie making – and the right container for distributing said cookies. Let me explain….

For the last several years I have made cookies during the holiday season – oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies to be exact. It’s nice to have something in hand when you go visiting.

These are not exotic cookies and cookie making is a pretty common thing to do. The recipe was on the Quaker box until they changed it to make it healthier – come on now, it’s a cookie! Still, everyone loves these cookies. It may be because I put extra chocolate chips or that I sometimes use add some Rescue Remedy to the mix. During the holidays, who couldn’t use some Rescue Remedy? Ah, I digress.

To knock it out all at once, I triple the batch and freeze it. That way I always have some ready to throw in the oven. This is both a good and dangerous (for my waistline but not my taste buds) time of the year. Think of having pounds of cookie dough, on-hand, just downstairs in the freezer…

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies

cookie dough (doh!)

The bowl I use is a big stainless one from Ikea

The Spoon

It is really hard to stir a triple batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It is like stirring Spackle. I have broken several lesser wooden spoons. Last year I about hurt a nerve in my hand using a flat, metal spoon – that eventually bent. Why do I stir by hand, you ask? Why not use a fancy mixer? Because I’m hoping the the calories burned stirring offset some of the calories from inevitable testing of said cookies and dough (doh!).

Last year I wished so hard for a cookie making spoon. Guess what? Wishes do come true – behold!

Giant Hickory cookie spoon

This sturdy hickory spoon was made by hand, by a Hand (Tyler Hand, that is), to fit my hand. It will not break, bend, or pinch a nerve. I am really looking forward to making cookies with this spoon!