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Workshop Details

Want to get the best deal? Communicate the right information in the right way. To communicate the information, you have to find it, learn it, and understand it well. These workshops deliver strategies for learning, communicating, and negotiating that produce consistent, repeatable results.


Workshop delivery is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. Events can be live, presented via online webinars, or combined. Ideal workshop size is 10-20 participants but may be customized.


Workshops are beneficial to professionals of all skill levels.

Support and options:

Workshops include a manual or workbook, pre and post workshop questionnaires, and may include recordings of live events and replays of web-based events. Clients enjoy unlimited email access for the duration of the training relationship and follow-up period as determined by the contract. Add on options include coaching (both individual and group) and an online support community for participants.


Workshops can be anywhere from half a day to three days or longer, depending on the scope of material. One and two hour introductory workshops on any listed topic are also available and participants will take away several useful techniques that they can use immediately.


Workshop participants build core competencies in information management, communication, and negotiation. They leave confident in their new skills, able to easily and correctly apply the workshop material.

While each workshop package stands alone as a valuable resource, they can also be combined. Used in sequence, they build a skill set that allows a seamless journey from initial client contact to sealing the deal.

All workshop topics fall within the range of Ethics and Professionalism for the purposes of continuing legal education

The Workshops


Time To Be Genius

Overwhelmed? Overloaded With Information?


Learn to manage massive amounts of information easily and efficiently. You will learn faster, recall information more accurately, and perform better – with less research time and effort.

This workshop is based on the information and techniques found in “Beyond Rainmaking: Accelerated Learning Techniques for Law School, The Bar Exam, and Beyond…”.

Participants in this workshop will learn to unleash their genius and discover how to:

  • Manage information overload and overwhelm. Eliminate the stress of information overwhelm and the feeling of being stretched to your breaking point.
  • Discover how to do more in less time. Learn to approach research in ways that guarantee optimal uptake and recall of information. You will have more time to spend with loved ones, networking, or enjoying a hobby.
  • Avoid malpractice actions. Decrease your exposure to the number one reason for attorney malpractice actions: “failure to know and apply the law.”
  • Enhance your work performance by learning smarter. Having clear direction and a plan for your research or study session saves you time, enhances recall, and improves performance.
  • Service more clients – better. You will be able to service clients more efficiently and increase workload. Satisfied clients refer friends. Grow your practice and make more money via the best marketing – word of mouth.

Participants will receive a copy of “Beyond Rainmaking: Accelerated Learning Techniques for Law School, The Bar Exam, and Beyond…”

Reliable Rapport I

What Is The Number One Business Asset?

Strong Relationships!

Strong relationships lead to mutually beneficial and lasting agreements. Deals are usually built on relationships because people prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Rapport is easily one of the most important aspects of negotiation and communication. By actively building rapport, you can expedite the process of creating a trusting relationship that feels familiar. Participants in this training will discover how to turn connections into business allies by:

  • Approaching people with confidence. Learn to initiate and sustain communication with prospective clients.
  • Connecting with people authentically. Approach others with genuineness, objectivity, and acceptance.
  • Using rapport skills. Participants will discover how to use verbal and non-verbal rapport skills to build trust and credibility.
  • Guiding people toward a resolution. Once rapport is established, take the lead and move the deal in your direction.

 Reliable Rapport II

Build Authority, Personal Power, and Charisma.

Learn how use advanced rapport techniques to quickly generate deep familiarity with others. Discover how to open lines of communication with a combination of rapport skills, language awareness, trigger management, and strategic questioning.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Influence. Use influence for your own benefit and learn how to recognize and manage influential behavior in others.
  • Manage emotional triggers. Discover how to identify, adjust, and create emotional triggers in yourself and other people.
  • Manage, counter, and use Active Language Patterns (ALPs). Verbal persuasion and intimidation patterns are so engrained in our culture that they are often missed – even while they have a profound effect on communication. Learn to recognize and counter the most commonly used ALPs.
  • Lead others into an optimal decision-making process. Learn how to guide other people in the decision-making process so that the decisions made in the conversation are beneficial and lasting.

 Negotiation Ninja I

Failure To Prepare IS Preparing for Failure!

Preparing for negotiation is preparing for success. This workshop is a step-by-step guide to preparing a winning negotiation strategy.

Participants will learn:

  • Negotiation preparation. Get the facts. Research your negotiation partners. Prepare your strategy and your team.
  • Identifying the Best Alternative To A Negotiated Outcome (BATNA). Everybody has a bottom line – or two. Learn to accurately assess your bottom line and plan alternate ways to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.
  • Finding the Zone Of Possible Agreement (ZOPA). You can more accurately evaluate offers and concessions by first identifying the ZOPA. Learn to assess the other side’s bottom line and desired goal so that your offers and concessions are considered.
  • Managing concessions. Prepare a strategy for offering and receiving concessions so that you get top value in the deal.
  • Assessing the power of the other party. Questioning is powerful. Learn to craft questions in a way that helps the other party to open up about time constraints, authority, and hidden issues.
  • Preparing inoculations to predictable objections. Deal with objections with confidence by predicting them and preparing answers ahead of time.

Negotiation Ninja II

 The Art of Winning

Wondering how you’ll fare against a seasoned negotiator? With the right tools, you can hold your own and control the negotiation. This workshop is designed to hone the participant’s ability to recognize, use, and counter negotiation tactics naturally, automatically, and congruently.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Deal with difficult people. Emotions can run high in negotiations and cause people to behave in unexpected ways. Discover how to deal with the worst of them – the bullies, the criers, the dodgers, the attackers, and more.
  • Resolve impasse/deadlock. Learn techniques that will allow you to break through impasse and re-boot the negotiation. Discover how to walk away from the negotiation and reenter it later without losing face.
  • Use humor. Used well, humor can be a great humanizer and icebreaker in negotiation. Discover how to use humor in respectful ways that will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Use tactics and countermeasures. Negotiation has been around for as long as humans have traded and we have a wealth of information regarding tactics and strategy. Don’t be thrown off by bluffing, a bogie, or take-it-or-leave-it! Learn how to use and counter age old strategies so that you can focus on your desired outcome.


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