About Nancy

Welcome! I am so glad that you are here! I am Nancy Hand – attorney, author, NLP trainer, and coach. I am passionate about great communication and believe that it begins with managing information and culminates with successful negotiation.

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It is what you know. It is who you know. How you use the two together determines your success.

I Love Learning.

I have spent a lifetime studying learning techniques and interpersonal communication. It is my passion and life. I look forward to helping you experience the amazing benefits of mastering these skills. They are essential for success in life.

As a child I was a good learner and enjoyed learning new things. That was usually channeled towards reading, horses, and more horses.

I did not, however, always get the best grades in school. It was a frustration to everyone because I would coast by with C’s and then score in the top 90 percentile on all of the standardized tests. I confounded my teachers.  Still, I enjoyed school and did well enough.

Things changed radically when I was fifteen years old and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I cracked my skull in a horseback riding accident. It left me without a sense of smell, the potential for seizures, and caused me to become very dyslexic. I could not tell time on a non-digital clock, recount the months of the year in order, or add and subtract correctly.

I had to relearn how to learn. It turned out to be a great gift.

My mother sought out ways to re-wire my brain and employed everything from nutrition and massage to Brain Gym and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her efforts paid off. Within about a year and a half, the dyslexia was gone.

I graduated high school at sixteen years old and tried my hand, unsuccessfully, at college. I wasn’t ready for it. So I worked. I sold cars, luggage, plants, and shoes. I worked for lawyers, ran a barn, and eventually started my own business stringing pearls for local jewelry stores.

I also continued my self-improvement. I learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). At sixteen years old, I became one of the two youngest licensed practitioners. I studied Silva Method of self-hypnosis with Jose Silva, Jr.. I learned to meditate and direct my mind.

One day I woke up and realized

My friends were all graduating college and I hadn’t even started!

I was suddenly very determined to give college another try. At first, it was a struggle. Time was an issue because I had my own business and commuted to school. Then I realized that I could use the learning tools from my head injury recovery to take in information faster and better. I did and it worked.

I went from head injury dyslexia to graduating from college cum laude and passing the Louisiana Bar Exam on the first try – and even skipped a section of the bar exam on purpose. I only studied a fraction of the time that my peers studied, skipped the bar review course, and spent the majority of my time preparing a photography exhibition that went on display at the Dallas World Trade Market the same day the bar exam started.

It’s not enough to have the information. You must also communicate that information effectively.

My experience in sales taught me that networking is not only amazingly fun, it’s also how business gets done. Most of my best clients and business opportunities have come from to face-to-face socializing, networking, and public speaking.

I have spent a lifetime learning client cultivation. My father was a trial lawyer who represented plaintiffs in maritime personal injury cases. His clients came solely by word of mouth referrals.

From the time I was able to go with him to visit clients, I did. The cases were usually large, complex, and time consuming – with potential for a substantial award. It was important for clients to be happy at all times because other lawyers were always waiting in the wings to pick up the case. Client cultivation started early, with groundwork, and remained thorough and consistent throughout the case and after.

I learned how to work conventions, seminars, and networking events from my mother, a doctor of food science with a private practice. She specialized in complementary support and alternative therapies to traditional medicine. Because she was a frequent speaker and an expert in her field, vitamin companies often sought her endorsement.

She went to a lot of conventions and usually took me along. I went to my first major, multi-level marketing company convention when I was 9. She liked to talk and we would meet people and network at these events. I was part of the conversation – and I loved it!

I continue to study and practice the art of communication and negotiation. I can teach you the both the techniques and how to manage your mental state for peak performance in negotiation.

Once you have learned to manage your information and learn faster, it is absolutely key that you are able to share your information with others. That requires rapport skills, an understanding of influence, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

I have learned to do this so well that it comes naturally now. I can teach you how to be that way  – at a fraction of the time and cost that it took for me to learn them.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you succeed.