Get Your Copy of Beyond Rainmaking: Accelerated Learning Techniques for Law School, The Bar Exam, and Beyond…

How important is it for you to kick butt in law school and pass the bar exam? 

Are you studying all the time and getting nowhere – overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material?

If you’re still doing that, you’re using old methods that don’t work anymore

I have something better.

What if you didn’t have to sweat it anymore? What if you didn’t have to “cram” or struggle?

What if you could learn faster, more effectively, retain the information longer, and access it EASILY when you want it – no matter what? 

This is your chance to learn the NEW ways of learning. Get more out of studying by being  more efficient and more effective. The result?  GREATER recall, FASTER synthesis, with LESS effort and LESS time.

Like most people,  you are probably wasting time on study methods that fall flat no matter how hard you study. Those old learning methods are taught to us when we are children so they are deeply engrained. You can’t change that, can you?

Yes you can! I can show you how. Until now, it has required more effort and diligence than most people can afford to make. That’s why only 67% of examinees nationwide pass the bar exam.

This is for you if you want to kick butt in law school and nail the bar exam on the first try. And who doesn’t want to nail it on the first try?

You know you have to pass!

Law school graduating class employment rates are at an 18-year low and competition is very tight. Less than 66% of the 2011 law graduates found full-time work in the legal field. You probably made a serious monetary commitment when you went to go to law school. If you took loans, you knew that if you failed or dropped out, you were stuck with the loans anyway – with no degree. 

Even if you only go for one semester, you can owe $8,000 – $28,000. I know you want to be a lawyer! Your parents want you to graduate and get a job! The school administration and alumni association want you to graduate and get a great job! 

If you make it all the way through law school, you will likely owe somewhere between $30,000.00 – $175,000.00 (or more!). It is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Further, those loans come due almost immediately. Add to that the cost of re-taking the bar exam, including review courses, fees, travel, and time not working, and it really adds up. You cannot afford to fail!

I easily passed the the Louisiana Bar Exam on the first try – and only studied 3-5 hours a day! 

Everybody wants to pass the bar exam on the first try, but roughly 30,000 people fail the bar exam every year, at great expense.

Thirty thousand!

My information can keep you out of that statistic.

Most people who fail the exam will retake it, at great expense. If they have a job lined up prior to taking the exam, they risk losing it if they fail. If not, failing the bar exam tacks on at least four months before they can resume their job search (waiting…waiting…waiting for results).

With more than 55,000 attorneys competing for 22,000 jobs, there is added incentive to do whatever it takes to do well in law school, pass the bar exam, and find a job.

Having had great success passing the bar examination the first time – in a state with only a 41% pass rate – I have put my unique approach to accelerated learning into Beyond Rainmaking. I want you to succeed. I want you to have a dream job.

And about that job…You need these skills to survive 

Personal Information management is an area of law practice professionalism that has begun to receive more attention from the legal community because lack of skill in these areas greatly increase an attorney’s chances of being sued for malpractice.

The demand for training in these areas has already begun to increase. Malpractice insurers are now focusing more attention on these skills. Bar associations worldwide are seeking ways to encourage training in these areas at both the law school level and in the early years of law practice. Beyond Rainmaking provides law students and young lawyers with powerful, essential practice skills that will enable them to learn more, faster, and recall information more accurately. 

You can learn how to unlock your genius, and you should do it now! It will make you more marketable in the legal profession. 

I know that you value quality information, so only the very BEST for you. 

I have done the legwork for you. I have spent the time and money and done the trial and error testing so that you don’t have to do it.

Other training in the area of accelerated learning is fragmented at best. You would have to go to more than ten different sources to obtain the unique combination of techniques and skills available in Beyond Rainmaking. Courses that could be considered competition only provide traditional study skills and argument format.

Beyond Rainmaking is different. It is NOT a “study skills” book.

It IS a book about HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR BRAIN.  

This isn’t about getting information into your brain. You know how to do that. This is about GETTING INFORMATION BACK OUT OF YOUR BRAIN WHEN YOU NEED IT. 

Learning how to learn is one of the first things we do when we arrive on earth. For most of us, we learned how to learn a long time ago – and at the pace of information today, even a decade is a long time. We learned how to learn using the “traditional” ways.

Traditional ways of learning are outdated and inadequate for our modern world of information.

The focus of Beyond Rainmaking is on information uptake and the ability to access that information easily by building a strong bridge and access route between working memory and long-term memory. It enhances and turbo-charges existing learning methodologies and makes them work markedly better.

Learn faster. Manage information better. Recall information more accurately

In Beyond Rainmaking you will discover:

The different types of memory and how to use them more effectively

How to manage information overload

Ways to maintain focus amid distractions 

How to be on your best mental game – no matter what 

How to manage your emotions 

Freedom from test and performance anxiety 

How to take in more information with less time and effort 

Joy in the learning process

 Click on the image below and get your copy now!


Why listen to me?

I’ve been where you are. I struggled, too. But then I wised up.

I have always been very artistic, creative, and a good learner but always easily distracted in school. I got bored, daydreamed, and struggled with math. At 15 years old, I cracked my skull in a horseback riding accident. I lost my sense of smell and become very dyslexic.

I literally had to relearn how to learn and it turned out to be a great gift.

Moving beyond dyslexia and attaining my goals called for ingenuity. There were ups and downs. I tried techniques that didn’t work. When I found one that worked, I mastered it. I tried (still do) every cutting-edge learning technique that crossed my path. Having learned many of the techniques in Beyond Rainmaking early in life – some as early as 1985 – I possess a seasoned perspective and innate know-how.

Head injuries are funny things and back then we didn’t have much guidance about handling the after effects. My mother went to great lengths to find ways to re-wire my brain. Her efforts paid off. Within about a year and a half, the dyslexia was gone. I quit school early and tried my hand, unsuccessfully, at college.

That experience showed me that I needed to focus on my learning abilities. I went to work on my own brain because I knew that I’d have to find a ways to make up for my injury. I tried everything.

I also sold cars, luggage, plants, and shoes. I worked for lawyers, ran a barn, and eventually started my own business stringing pearls for local jewelry stores. I was pretty content until…My friends were all graduating and I hadn’t even started!

I was motivated.

When I decided to go back to school, I felt behind and wanted to catch up, but the number of hours and the amount of schoolwork seemed impossible. There just wasn’t time. On top of that, I had a job and a commute!

When I really started applying my techniques to academics, my world changed for the better. I felt like a swimmer with a new pair of giant flippers. I could suddenly do so much more with the same amount of effort.

Grades got better and I piled on the extra work!

The learning techniques in Beyond Rainmaking helped me get through all of the technical classes and labs easily, like math, computer science and statistics. Writing got easier and my essays and papers flowed.

Excited about my new study abilities, I decided to go to law school at the beginning of my third year…

I double dipped!

My university’s policies said that if you had completed the core curriculum, you could use the first semester of law school as the last semester of undergraduate school. It sounded like a great idea to me! It was a (very) rarely used policy clause that required convincing both schools into going along with my plan.

However, I had to somehow take two math classes and a statistics class in two semesters (along with a full class load). In order to even get to that point I had to test out of a remedial math by re-taking my ACT. That would be a miracle!

My advisor rolled her eyes, told me it was impossible, but eventually let me try anyway.

Math had always scared me and while my earlier ACT scores were 24 and 25 respectively – my scores on the math section were 4 and 5, respectively (yes, really). I needed a 19 or above on the math section to test out of the remedial math I was supposed to take. A 5 to a 19 is a big jump!

I jumped right in to old math books and anything and everything math related. Every one of my tools was used!

The plan worked!

I took my LSAT and ACT on back to back weekends, tested out of remedial math (made a 19!) and ended up in a math class that was WAY over my head. Accelerated Learning Techniques (and a tutor) to the rescue again and again! I passed both math classes and the statistics (took one math and statistics in an 18hr semester!) and ultimately graduated with a 3.7 – cum laude. 

Law School

Because of my new, super effective study habits, I was able to work, clerk and have an active social life while in law school. There was so much reading and sometimes it was very dry. I was able to plow through homework painlessly – and make it to the party on time!

The Bar Exam

The Louisiana Bar Exam is 21.5 hours of timed essay questions (typed or handwritten) on 9 topic areas of law. You have to pass 7 of the 9 sections to pass and must pass 4 of the 5 “code” sections to pass outright.

I had about 6 weeks to study, my family home had just burned, and I was preparing a photo exhibit that went on display in the World Trade Market in Dallas the week of the bar exam. Since my darkroom was only truly dark at night, I chose to skip the evening bar prep course and studied the books instead.

Hardly studied

I only studied 3-5 hours a day while everyone else was studying 10-14 +! I also slept and meditated, worked in the darkroom, worked out every day, and walked the dog. In other words, I had time to do other things.

I felt so confident going into the exam, I skipped a code section (didn’t even study it) because the law in the area had just changed and they told us to know both sets of laws. Forget that!

I went from head injury dyslexia to graduating from college cum laude and passing the Louisiana Bar Exam on the first try – and even skipped a section on purpose. I only studied a fraction of the time that my peers studied, skipped the bar review course, and spent the majority of my time preparing a photography exhibition that went on display at the Dallas World Trade Market the same day the bar exam started. You can learn more about me here.

If I can do it, you can, too – no matter what life throws at you.

Let me show you how