EFT & Everyday Tapping

Have you ever done something SO much that you did it in your dreams?   It is usually something that requires a lot of practice. It could be something mundane that you  have recently done over and over, like learning your lines in a school play or stuffing envelopes. When you do something in your dreams that you have been doing [...]


PLAN to make 2016 your best year yet.   Every year the results of my planning improve.   You can get the same results! Something BIG was missing from my new year planning (and yours!).  Appreciate last year’s successes. Here's what we did about it... Better. Every. Year. Validate what you did last year. Validate your successes. [...]

Do you dread Mondays, pray for Fridays, and anxiously await the day you can retire and “take it easy?” Bowie is sending a message from beyond – and you can see and hear it on his new album and videos… Unhappiness at work can take a dangerous physical toll. Unhappy at work – unhappy at [...]

Think it’s too late to make this the best holiday ever?   Think again.   It’s never too late to set an intention. It’s never too late to write your list for "Santa Claus." It works! Let me explain. Let me give you an even better example…. (one that will remind you that there is [...]

Do you over-give during the holiday season?  Click here to watch the video! The holidays are a magnifying glass for stressors! Stress CAN hurt you. Make YOU part of your holiday plan Learn to say "no" the right way...  Click here to watch the video!  3 ways to get comfortable setting holiday boundaries Plan your [...]

Oh dangit! (I didn't mean to say that!) Click here to watch the video! Let’s just face it, curse words can be fun! Let Tapping Help You to Watch Your Language! Click here to watch the video!

What makes you feel exposed and vulnerable? Click here to watch the video! Who hasn’t felt naked and afraid – exposed and vulnerable?  I sure have! Click here to watch the video!

Have you ever forgotten someone's name immediately after you were introduced?     Want to know how powerful remembering names can be? Click here to check out the video! Make remembering names “your thing” and watch your social world light up! Think you are still “bad at names?” Tap into change Click here to tap [...]

Have you ever stopped short of asking for what you wanted because you KNEW that even asking would rock the boat?   We have all been there. (Don’t) Rock The Boat. Don’t Tip the Boat Over! Click here for the video Sometimes You Must Rock That Boat! (Like Oliver did!) Click here for the video Plan [...]

Can't wait to say something?   Check out the companion video! Holding that thought can ruin your listening skills.   Have your thought and listen, too! Trust Repeat Tap Click here to tap along with me!